Purple Prose EP

by Only Destiny

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released October 19, 2014

Recorded on and off between February 2013 and September 2014 at Pink Moon Studios, Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Vocals recorded at "Nate's Bedroom" Studios, Lincoln.
Additional vocals recorded by Tom Ralphs at Douchebag Cowboy Studios, Kenninghall, Norfolk.
Produced by Nate Watchman and Harley Cotton.
Engineered and mixed by Harley Cotton.
Mastered by Steve Kitch.

All songs written, composed, arranged, performed and programmed by Only Destiny.
Additional backing vocals performed by L Swann, "Doktor" Andrew Jeckell, Tom Ralphs and Dan Sluckin.
Additional guitars on "Halfway" and "Purple Prose" performed by Rayna Vandèl.
Bass guitar performed by Harley Cotton.
Piano on "Triffids" performed by Lee Egerton.
Percussion loops on "Purple Prose" and "Triffids" found on www.looperman.com.

Art concept and arrangement by Rayna Vandèl and Nate Watchman.
Photoshop expertise courtesy of Andrew Summers.
Tree/crow design and drawing by Quinn Black.
"Leafprint" symbol design by Dominic Davi.

Thanks to: Harley Cotton, Rayna Vandèl, Whitnee Springfield, Tom Ferrier, Luke Bull, "Doktor" Andrew Jeckell, Tom Ralphs, Dan Sluckin, Lee Egerton, Dominic Davi, Quinn Black, Andrew Summers, Steve Kitsch, Mikeyy Barraclough, Jack Carter, Jimmy Weaver, Gary Numan, Trent Reznor and Thomas Barnett.

Copyright control © 2014 N. M. Davenport.
Copyright control ℗ 2014 N. M. Davenport.
All rights (and wrongs) reserved.
Any unauthorised commercial duplication, re-recording or broadcast will constitute an infringement of intellectual copyright and is prohibited.
Any unauthorised non-commercial duplication, re-recording, broadcast, sharing or performance is totally cool.

Only Destiny is a non-prophet organisation.



all rights reserved


Only Destiny Lincoln, UK

dark, sci-fi flavoured punk rock. melodrama & purple prose. batteries included.

nate watchman/mikeyy barracuda

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Track Name: Purple Prose
There are a hundred methods to convey
The inspiration I feel everyday
Never have any just occurred to me
I'll spend my life attempting just to say nothing

Communication is no friend to me
Always abundant with uncertainty
Despite my all it seems I am condemned
Forever to remain an absentee

Stars align but words escape my mind
Nowadays my words are alkaline

There are a hundred ways to demonstrate
The inspiration I feel everyday
Never will any just occur to me
Silent or violet, baby, I'll remain
Track Name: Triffids
I'm - though weakened at the neck - immune to your disguise
I'm a shadow of myself, my vision melanised
I'm disturbed by sounds you make behind transparent doors
I will strike it from your face, that stinging smile of yours

You cut me down to size, poison my dignity
You, dissection imprecise: no time for empathy
You, a parasite unheard, I'm stranded in between
You, with every single word, destroy my everything

You take root in all my nerves, I'm here to carve you out
I will swallow all your words, burn through your jaded heart
I will stem the flow of love I've been required to give
You'll invade my life no more, finally let me live
Track Name: Halfway
I'm halfway to righteous, the impression has been made
"Just stop being so damn naive"
The stage has now been set, and the play has now been played
I look down and see the tears have drenched my sleeve

Soldiers clad in scarlet, like sadists far too proud
These days kids – they say – can be so cruel:
"Your heart is way too quiet and your art is way too loud"
Just a damaged, broken concept of cool

I never tried to be perfect
You broke my spirit in two
I won't forgive or forget

Numbers dance around, but such a cruel song to sing
I have forty-five good reasons to stop
Hope flows from the speakers, the glass full to the brim
A shoulder to lean on and look up

(Unused verse lyrics:
"A story just like this one is difficult to convey
It's one thing to only survive
Now I'm running out of all the ways that I can say
I'm grateful that I'm still alive")
Track Name: Noughts & Crosses
Thought I saw a light in the cave
From sadness I shall be saved

Born to enrol, not to play this game
Extinguish the rules, not this sanguine flame
Saving us all from a world mundane

Soon, "she'll" take my hand, catch me a star
Flee from the damned spirits afar
When will the one to me appear?
Never will I have to live in fear

How real the vision seems
Hope rises from pleasant dreams

Soon, "she'll" take my heart, warm it within
When will the dream, truly begin?
Run from the world, I once only knew
How very sweet, if only it were true
Track Name: Lineage [*]
Blank eyes tired of waiting
Outside; here I am
Blank eyes tired of waiting, tired of wasting it all away
Outside; here I am

Down in the park where the Machmen meet the machines and play "Kill-By-Numbers"
Down in the park with a friend called Five
I was in a car crash - or was it the war? - but I've never been quite the same
Little white lies like "I was there"

You could have it all, my empire of dirt
I will let you down
If I could start again, a million miles way
I would keep myself